Watermelon Tourmaline NecklaceWatermelon Tourmaline Necklace
Blue Green Tourmaline Gradient NecklaceBlue Green Tourmaline Gradient Necklace
Turquoise Pendant NecklaceTurquoise Pendant Necklace
Opal, Emerald and Topaz Trio NecklaceOpal, Emerald and Topaz Trio Necklace
Gold Shell Pendant NecklaceGold Shell Pendant Necklace
Gold Conch Pendant NecklaceGold Conch Pendant Necklace
Moonstone and Sapphire NecklaceMoonstone and Sapphire Necklace
Moonstone Slice PendantMoonstone Slice Pendant
Australian Boulder Opal PendantAustralian Boulder Opal Pendant
Emerald Slice PendantEmerald Slice Pendant
Kyanite and Ruby NecklaceKyanite and Ruby Necklace
Kyanite NecklaceKyanite Necklace

Kyanite Necklace

$995.00 USD
Rutilated Quartz PendantRutilated Quartz Pendant
Lapis PendantLapis Pendant

Lapis Pendant

$1,295.00 USD
Australian Boulder Opal with Ruby NecklaceAustralian Boulder Opal with Ruby Necklace
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant NecklaceSleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant Necklace
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Citrine NecklaceSleeping Beauty Turquoise and Citrine Necklace
Australian Boulder Opal with Mexican Fire Opal NecklaceAustralian Boulder Opal with Mexican Fire Opal Necklace
Australian Boulder Opal PendantAustralian Boulder Opal Pendant
Dendritic Quartz Pendant
Dendritic Quartz and Ginkgo Necklace
Blackened Silver Femora NecklaceBlackened Silver Femora Necklace
Gold Furcula & Silver Feather PendantGold Furcula & Silver Feather Pendant
Silver Furcula & Feather NecklaceSilver Furcula & Feather Necklace
Sterling Silver Furcula PendantSterling Silver Furcula Pendant
Single Femora PendantSingle Femora Pendant

Single Femora Pendant

$1,995.00 USD
Silver & Gold Femora Lariat NecklaceSilver & Gold Femora Lariat Necklace
Mini Golden Femora NecklaceMini Golden Femora Necklace
Golden Femora ChokerGolden Femora Choker

Golden Femora Choker

$9,750.00 USD
Pixel Pendant Necklace

Pixel Pendant Necklace

$2,400.00 USD
Blue Green Diamond NecklaceBlue Green Diamond Necklace
Graduating Diamond NecklaceGraduating Diamond Necklace
Moissanite Pendant CharmMoissanite Pendant Charm
Oregon Sunstone Pendant CharmOregon Sunstone Pendant Charm
Aquamarine Pendant CharmAquamarine Pendant Charm

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