White Sapphire and Moonstone Cluster EarringsWhite Sapphire and Moonstone Cluster Earrings
On sale
Amethyst Elise EarringsAmethyst Elise Earrings
Oregon Sunstone Halo and Diamond EarringsOregon Sunstone Halo and Diamond Earrings
Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier EarringsSapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Black Diamond EarringsBlack Diamond Earrings
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Kyanite, Green Tourmaline and Aquamarine EarringsKyanite, Green Tourmaline and Aquamarine Earrings
Sapphire and Rhodolite Garnet Stack EarringsSapphire and Rhodolite Garnet Stack Earrings
Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond EarringsRhodolite Garnet and Diamond Earrings
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Emerald EarringsEmerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings

$0.00 USD
Bezel-Set Emerald EarringsBezel-Set Emerald Earrings
Kyanite and Ruby NecklaceKyanite and Ruby Necklace
On sale

Kyanite and Ruby Necklace

$995.00 USD $1,295.00 USD
Kyanite NecklaceKyanite Necklace
On sale

Kyanite Necklace

$895.00 USD $995.00 USD
Australian Boulder Opal PendantAustralian Boulder Opal Pendant
On sale

Australian Boulder Opal Pendant

$895.00 USD $1,295.00 USD
Oregon Sunstone Solitare NecklaceOregon Sunstone Solitare Necklace
Labradorite "Puffy" CabochonLabradorite "Puffy" Cabochon
On sale

Labradorite "Puffy" Cabochon

$1,295.00 USD $1,495.00 USD
Opal, Emerald and Topaz Trio NecklaceOpal, Emerald and Topaz Trio Necklace
Pixel Pendant Necklace
On sale

Pixel Pendant Necklace

$1,800.00 USD $2,400.00 USD
Blue Green Diamond NecklaceBlue Green Diamond Necklace
On sale

Blue Green Diamond Necklace

$2,250.00 USD $2,500.00 USD
Moonstone and Sapphire NecklaceMoonstone and Sapphire Necklace
On sale

Moonstone and Sapphire Necklace

$2,800.00 USD $3,600.00 USD
Columbian Emerald CharmColumbian Emerald Charm
Aquamarine Pendant CharmAquamarine Pendant Charm
Moissanite Pendant CharmMoissanite Pendant Charm
On sale

Moissanite Pendant Charm

$2,200.00 USD $2,800.00 USD
Oregon Sunstone Pendant CharmOregon Sunstone Pendant Charm
On sale

Oregon Sunstone Pendant Charm

$2,800.00 USD $3,600.00 USD
Kunzite RingKunzite Ring

Kunzite Ring

$3,800.00 USD
Opal and Tourmaline Wrap RingOpal and Tourmaline Wrap Ring
Sapphire and Diamond BlingSapphire and Diamond Bling
Sunstone BlingSunstone Bling

Sunstone Bling

$3,200.00 USD
Tourmaline and Diamond BlingTourmaline and Diamond Bling
On sale

Tourmaline and Diamond Bling

$2,400.00 USD $3,200.00 USD
Tourmaline and Diamond Bling in White GoldTourmaline and Diamond Bling in White Gold
Sold out
Tourmaline and Diamond BlissTourmaline and Diamond Bliss
Zircon BlingZircon Bling
On sale

Zircon Bling

$2,160.00 USD $2,400.00 USD

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